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HOW you really feel
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Here you can write whatever you want, completely uncensored. You can release pent up emotions and explore your deeper feelings.

For FREE, no ads, no tracking. We will never know who you are or what you write. No personal data is ever collected.


Click [WRITE] to start writing or dictating.

Perhaps a confession, a self affirmation, a release of hate or misery, an avowal of love.

When you are ready click [DESTROY] to have truefeelings remove all traces of what you have written.

Each time you will be creating a new neural pathway in your brain.

After each session a report is sent to truefeelings - the number of words you wrote and how long you spent writing - NEVER what you actually wrote. You see these details in the RESULT page. At this stage no cookies are used.

THEMES  gives suggestions of possible approaches to using this site. It includes WARNINGS for those with mental health issues.

FAQs gives details of Privacy and Security / why this site might be beneficial, plus much more, including a list of help lines.

TRY NOW, then read more below.

our community:

We encourage you to JOIN our Community. You will then be able participate in our survey and monitor your wellbeing. After a while we will recognise you as a citizen scientist.

After joining

> You will be welcomed by a name of your choice.

> After writing, the RESULT page will now show data for the latest session plus your totals over time.

> You may participate in our research SURVEY every two weeks. This is designed to see if there are any therapeutic benefits [or disbenefits] associated with using this site. At the moment we are not making any such claim.

> The SURVEY monitors your WELLBEING and provides you with a history.

> After you have completed 5 surveys we will certify you as one of our Citizen Scientists.

For this to happen you need to allow your browser to store some information in Local Storage, which will show up as a cookie. Details in the FAQs page.

to join the community

We suggest you do not use an ingonito tab, as the Local Storage will be lost when you close the tab or the browser.

WRITE your chosen name in the box below, PAUSE for a couple of seconds to show you are human, then CLICK on join.

This will enable the storage of the information on your browser.

TO TRANSFER the data held in Local Storage to another device, refer to the FAQs page.

GO TO the FAQs page and the section leave / delete LS


We do not have any ads on our site. Please consider making a donation if you find this site beneficial. Thanks.