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and monitor your wellbeing

For FREE, no ads, no tracking, we will never know who you are or what you write.

Click [WRITE] to start an ephemeral session. Then click [DESTROY] to have truefeelings remove all traces of what you have written.

A confession, a self affirmation, a release of hate or misery, an avowal of love. This small act will create a new neural pathway in your brain. And repeated over time, a change in your psyche.

After each session a report is sent to truefeelings - the number of words you wrote and how long you spent writing - NEVER what you actually wrote. You see these details in the RESULT page.

At this level of involvement no cookies are used. No personal data is collected at any level. So give it a TRY NOW, and come back to read more.

[This site is in a testing stage]

THEMES  gives suggestions of possible approaches to using this site. It includes WARNINGS for those with mental health issues.

FAQs gives details of Privacy and Security / why this site might be beneficial, and info on the SURVEY and Wellbeing scores.

the community:

We encourage you to go a level further and JOIN our Community of like-minded people. You will now be welcomed by your chosen name.

After writing, the RESULT page will now show data for the latest session plus the totals for your history of use.

This information, but not your chosen name, is sent to us. This will help us to better understand how the site is being used.

For this to happen you need to allow your browser to store this information in Local Storage, which shows up as a cookie.

After joining you will be eligible to take part in our regular WELLBEING SURVEY and be able to check your wellbeing history.


We suggest you do not use an ingonito tab, as the Local Storage will be lost when you close the tab or the browser.

WRITE your chosen name in the box below and CLICK on JOIN. This will enable the storage of the information on your browser.

To LEAVE the Community or to transfer the data held in Local Storage to another device, refer to the FAQs page.

the wellbeing survey

For those who have joined the Community we are conducting our WELLBEING SURVEY as a research project to establish whether there are any therapeutic benefits [or disbenefits] in using this site. At the moment we are not making any such claims.

We invite you to take part in our WELLBEING SURVEY every four weeks. Each time we update your wellbeing history with your latest score. Check the SURVEY page to find when you can next take the survey.


We do not have any ads on our site. Please consider making a donation if you find this site beneficial. Thanks.